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and guitar, and sad songs,
and anyone who's not afraid
to be alone with me
i want these as i think of you,
i want to want all these
not because i want you,
but because i just want
to live the day before
i met you; i shush my mind
to a corner of my pillow,
and abandon my bed, the room
it makes me think of you,
i still think of you a lot,
you are somewhere thinking
about me when i think of you,
when i think of
gin hasn't taste so good
in a while; i'm so bitter
i taste like salt and leaves,
i am dry as a desert storm,
my eyes are red canyons,
the East are full of mesas,
the South, mountain-pools
the clock's broken smile,
i am missing a couple teeth,
friends say it's too bad
i can't come to the wedding,
i should be in a hospital,
i couldn't drown on tears,
so they scrubbed me clean,
gave me a dress with a bow,
and sent me home, old girl
weathering the floor-boards
on a rocker with a tank
of oxygen, i could live
through their staring,
my heart doesn't bother me,
it's you i still think about
you are freckles and more,
brown cheeks and bright eyes,
you are always more than life,
i give up; you are no sunrise,
no raindrop, no angel, no lily
you don't give a shit, if or not
you're in my agony and prayers,

what are you truly made of,
that i wonder if you're made
of me - pale as silver trees,
grassless cemetery beside
a small cathedral, and hands,
i have beautiful hands,
'though i love them more,
when i'm holding yours,

near death, what we could be
in the after-life, that i hope
to be your shadow, if i can't
be your lover or twin, if or not
we can be together; we can be
together now, or at least
let me have this moment with you,
let me die in peace with you
nothing keeps warm
something always gives
before the blood reclaims
your skin, tears won't wait,
you think you're just alive
trains don't stop for you,
airplanes fly away,
goodbye is the only word,
you can't say outright,
but love won't keep you
warm tonight, and sex
is a brutal ecstasy you do
to your body; you are not
happy, the discontentment
is so unreal, the agony
before you could protest
your death, there isn't
protesting death, only life
there's only your life
in the balance of alone
sits on a parkbench,
with a blank sketch
on her mind, felt-tipped
eyes tracing the outline
of people and trees,

i've seen her do this
every day, so i drew her;
she looked familiar,
a mild character to me,
just a stick figure,
with a scrawl of hair,

in the afternoon,
i took her place,
but i see monotony,
hear plain people talk,
the scattering of trees,
the sky a mild blue burn,

i could see nothing,
beyond its existence,
i stuck out my legs,
just waiting for someone
to draw me into a poem


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highonwords's Profile Picture
i live in Naga City, a small city in the Bicol Region in the Philippines. i love books, food, movies, music, and any kind of art.

A Great Life

i can't say
i've lived long enough
to have something to say
before i die the next moment,

if God asks me what i did to make a difference,
i wouldn't have the answer

i don't think,
i've loved anybody enough
without thinking enough,
and saying enough is enough is enough

i don't think,
i have truly loved,
because i tell myself,
i can't give what i don't have,
when i don't have enough for myself,

i haven't been exactly honest
with myself, can't say i've lied a lot,
but i always took what i thought was best for me,
i wasn't a prayerful person, i believed in working hard
and not giving up

can't say what's best for everybody,
can't say if what i'm saying are the right words,
can't say if there's such a thing as wrong or right,
when all i'm doing is trying to make sense of my life
and thinking where it's going

i apologize for my mistakes,
sorry for what i was, and i was bad,
i hurt a lot of people,
maybe i tried to love,
i guess this is who i am now,

can't say i didn't try,
here's to a great life!

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