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Sundays were short and exact,
tombstones and photographs -
of the family dog,
the candles, the trees,
the ash, Grandmother's hands
as bare as a naked peach,
the clock's hands, brittle,
pours into an hourglass,
sustaining the dead weight of years,


you brought the scent of old rain,
when you kissed my hair,
you took the rain with you,
the blue trickle of another love,
down the hollow of your neck
drowns the flowers of grief,
unfurling thick in my throat,
for me the squawk of a trampled dream
the white lilies of sleep years ago
a circle of black slivers,
fusing, dividing between tensile bones,
the flight of shivers intricately defined,
from the mound of your spine,
to as far as your eyes could dictate,
the taloned grace of claws
above the green-frosted lake,
before the arc of mountains,
the bristle of wet leaves in your heart,
a wounded sigh of disbelief flaps your mouth,
the sidelong glance of silence, your stoppered eyes
for a splinter of time, you were free
within the big-picture horizon
from here on out is a vast empty space,
did God feel like this before Adam -
Certainly there was God and in His heart,
the universe, and we made God happy -
we weren't happy all the time,
this was normal - taxes, death, accidents;
subnormal - crimes, the greenhouse effect,
out of the blue heart paralysis,
sometimes we get so close to pain,
if not strong, we come out numb
or we simply hate; we walk away,
we die young with our dreams,
we had to grow before our parents' time,
it's so painful to look at the stars
and feel everything, we'd rather feel nothing,
not for love, for love is forsaken,
not for want of youth, but a sense of peace
against a brittle frame of delirious grief,
that we ask nothing to come from nothing,
that no rainbow should erase the rain,
no drop of rain, if we could exist in a drop,
but a drop that lives forever in God
the men, do they listen?
before the day peels itself,
from their eyes -
is the dark unaware
of its own darkness -
that, and stranger,
it swallows the light,
to add more space
for emptiness to break
silence mutes this sound,
the heart is miles away,
almost out of the skin,
a blood-rush of fear,
sweeping whole forests
into denuded knees,
flatlands under December,
the moon-slaving star
the movies do not mention,
the moments that break you,
that scatter everything
that came before -

the heart knows
it is not the final note,
but the curved line
to a half-circle

stating its existence,
the proof of emptiness
the ends meeting to a whole,
not perfection, but courage

to fade away with hope,
against all impediments,
the helplessness, a vision
of despair dislocated

the distance that alters
the need for familiar ghosts
haunts in the company
of forgotten strangers,

whose lives, whose faces,
could take so much life,
from places unvisited,
for a long, fruitless time


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highonwords's Profile Picture
i live in Naga City, a small city in the Bicol Region in the Philippines. i love books, food, movies, music, and any kind of art.

A Great Life

i can't say
i've lived long enough
to have something to say
before i die the next moment,

if God asks me what i did to make a difference,
i wouldn't have the answer

i don't think,
i've loved anybody enough
without thinking enough,
and saying enough is enough is enough

i don't think,
i have truly loved,
because i tell myself,
i can't give what i don't have,
when i don't have enough for myself,

i haven't been exactly honest
with myself, can't say i've lied a lot,
but i always took what i thought was best for me,
i wasn't a prayerful person, i believed in working hard
and not giving up

can't say what's best for everybody,
can't say if what i'm saying are the right words,
can't say if there's such a thing as wrong or right,
when all i'm doing is trying to make sense of my life
and thinking where it's going

i apologize for my mistakes,
sorry for what i was, and i was bad,
i hurt a lot of people,
maybe i tried to love,
i guess this is who i am now,

can't say i didn't try,
here's to a great life!



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