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dear God, about terror,
that old affliction, love,
that runs naked in the mist,
that tears the flower open,
waits for her open face,
to travel back to afternoon rain
the full head of October
lays on her arm in silence,
just before the rain creates
a picture of the old place,
crows rattle in the trees,
the moon lifts the world,
for us to see, for us to see
there is a street in the city,
where you take your lover
by the hand when you feel alone,
where a girl ruins her dress
by the pond, and a boy feels warm,
wearing nothing but her arms
there is a lover, that falls short of rain
before the grass darkens, there is a sky
that stands still for you to see
the world goes on, so the sky
goes on to moon and stars,
not for you, not for me, or anyone,
do the fences mend, the children sing,
that we hold on to them as if they're gone,
and there is nothing to gain,
not wounds, not catharsis, not wisdom,
the day has passed, it gathers dust,
like everything, and everyone turns
to ash without heat, that nothing,
even love, remains
is it too much to say, the sky, the moon -
that i hold my breath because of you,
i feel its cold color on my skin,
the rain is on its way upon the dry land,
afraid to lose my way in a world of mist
i map the stars, mark the holes they make
with my eyes, where they almost all disappear
with all the world's color
so tell me this,
is it too much if i stay,
in one room and another,
before the window, by the corner,
if i keep all the flowers,
but the leaves and water,
all the quiet lines and sad songs
and your words and promises and whispers,
but you with your last memory and your only breath

our bodies unfurl,
each petaled flesh holding
to a secret source of life,
the hand loosens on your cheeks,
and touches there, the echo
of your heart's cornered voice,
your breath exhales a love note,
your eyes, a feathered close,
as you fall and i let you,
the world doesn't sit,
it spins in measured degrees,
and rains on your shoulders,
we're its only celebrants,
we think, but it doesn't matter
that we're wrong, there is
nothing that takes away a kiss,
even life, even death
we come before the bells,
the perfect flower disarray
on the carpet and the glass
and stones of chandeliers
hurt our eyes that see
us, fools for eternity
the red streaks on your porcelain cheeks shatter -
i've never seen such longing
to love someone so brittle
and passing as June in years,
that i'd like to hold
all your bones close,
even if they cut me open
where i hurt the most,
when you look into my eyes,
and hold me gently there
before the bells come for me


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highonwords's Profile Picture
i live in Naga City, a small city in the Bicol Region in the Philippines. i love books, food, movies, music, and any kind of art.

A Great Life

i can't say
i've lived long enough
to have something to say
before i die the next moment,

if God asks me what i did to make a difference,
i wouldn't have the answer

i don't think,
i've loved anybody enough
without thinking enough,
and saying enough is enough is enough

i don't think,
i have truly loved,
because i tell myself,
i can't give what i don't have,
when i don't have enough for myself,

i haven't been exactly honest
with myself, can't say i've lied a lot,
but i always took what i thought was best for me,
i wasn't a prayerful person, i believed in working hard
and not giving up

can't say what's best for everybody,
can't say if what i'm saying are the right words,
can't say if there's such a thing as wrong or right,
when all i'm doing is trying to make sense of my life
and thinking where it's going

i apologize for my mistakes,
sorry for what i was, and i was bad,
i hurt a lot of people,
maybe i tried to love,
i guess this is who i am now,

can't say i didn't try,
here's to a great life!

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