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the way of the world
catches like a breath of forty years
down my throat when i first saw the rain,
mid-fall from the sky,
blistering your presence
on my skin and eyes,
but i caught only a feather
of your thoughts, and the music
to your steps doesn't come
floating down the road,
i hover beyond places
unknown and far from my heart,
there is only a tremor,
and even that fail to keep you
close to where my mind rests
- i am the dissolution
of dreams, the loneliness
of sparrows, the heartland
of goodbye, broken down the middle
where we stay forever turned
outside with no burning blood,
to sever the pain between each winding
of the clock to a full circle of a face
there is a sharpness
the cold takes in the morning
as you weave out of bed to our space
by the corner sunlight falls on,
right where the wind is asleep,
and the leaves are luminous,
where under their gaze,
flowers bloom between the folds
of a hypnotic cold far down
the roots out of reach,
this time the world mutes
to a winding spiral, hiding
from itself, i exhale the ash
of these days and meditate
within the space where you were,
around my arms as you slept off
a marathon of fear dividing
into labyrinths and towers
and catacombs and colliseums,
your silence punctures me,
puts a wide hole between us,
where i see nothing but a space
for grief shedding its walls
until the sun smooths your face,
and the tide washes me away
this is where i leave you,
to your dreams of seas and castles,
suspended like an eternal veil
of morning violet-scented,
inevitably mortal as a needle-prick
from God's vivid imagination of your face,
the day He came upon you, flowering
to a frail humanness of existence,
where everything is black and white,
and they come listening to your cries,
in bouts of climactic longing,
until you desire their hands away,
and dream of him planted on a ship,
your seas ravage him to near death,
but he's all ready won you
with your dreams of a kiss,
and there now he lays,
exhausted and wanting no part of you
but the air you breathe into his lungs;
his blood is red, and it's now in your hands,
the day you dreamt his mother,
bringing him to life, for your sake,
so he could be with you
on a promontory of magnificent loneliness
is it only about the moon,
the stars in other worlds,
another shade of blue for your eyes,
and brown for her you always dream about
i am on the other side of the world,
thinking you could be the girl
who keeps a rose garden,
who sheds her dress over grass,
who thinks the moon is her lover,
she is on the other side of the room,
thinking i am on the other side of the world,
i could be as close to her as the spaces
that twines her fingers to a prayer
we could be as close to never being found,
an almost touch that grew tired of waiting,
seconds stretched to lightyears,
of a heart now waning to the paleness
of her heart setting to stars
you gather your baskets,
amidst the heavy-eared corn,
that pierce my eyes
with new hope, as small
as your faith that fades
to raindrops and returns
slowly up trees, turning blue,
waiting to be holed
in the darkness around
i look for you,
i burn for you,
the forgotten flame of age,
the rootlessness, nomadic
i hold my breath, night
cuts me abruptly as if
i have no pattern
time doesn't work
on me, but darling, i am old
and dying every time
i feel your presence,
you keep me as i keep us,
down amber fields, shining ever
from now in my unsafe memory


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highonwords's Profile Picture
i live in Naga City, a small city in the Bicol Region in the Philippines. i love books, food, movies, music, and any kind of art.

A Great Life

i can't say
i've lived long enough
to have something to say
before i die the next moment,

if God asks me what i did to make a difference,
i wouldn't have the answer

i don't think,
i've loved anybody enough
without thinking enough,
and saying enough is enough is enough

i don't think,
i have truly loved,
because i tell myself,
i can't give what i don't have,
when i don't have enough for myself,

i haven't been exactly honest
with myself, can't say i've lied a lot,
but i always took what i thought was best for me,
i wasn't a prayerful person, i believed in working hard
and not giving up

can't say what's best for everybody,
can't say if what i'm saying are the right words,
can't say if there's such a thing as wrong or right,
when all i'm doing is trying to make sense of my life
and thinking where it's going

i apologize for my mistakes,
sorry for what i was, and i was bad,
i hurt a lot of people,
maybe i tried to love,
i guess this is who i am now,

can't say i didn't try,
here's to a great life!

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